Is My Site At Risk?

In short, YES!  As the world’s leading web design platform, WordPress sites attract far more hackers from all over the world, with malware bots, viruses, domain redirects, brute force backdoor attacks, and more. Many of these WordPress hackers enjoy just wreaking havoc for malicious pleasure, while others seek to hack personal and financial records. But we have a  solution to stop them in their tracks.

WordPress hackers, we stop them dead in their tracks!

It’s estimated that 30,000 WordPress websites are hacked every single day.
Will yours be next?




Cyberattacks have increased by 300% this year alone, as hackers ramp up efforts to exploit vulnerable WordPress sites with outdated software and poor security.



Roughly half of all cyberattacks prey on small to medium-sized business websites. Hackers know that most of these sites don’t have good security measures in place.



Nearly half of all WordPress website owners that were hacked admit not being prepared with a solid security plan, backups, and neglected updates leaving them vulnerable.

Prevent Disaster!

WordPress maintenance is usually a big chore and technologically challenging for most site owners, but it’s extremely important! Failure to perform routine maintenance and security could result in disaster!

WordPress is by far the world’s most popular Content Management System and website development platform, serving a little over 43% of all websites worldwide. With its popularity, WordPress attracts far more hackers than any other platform. If you fail to properly maintain your WordPress site, by updating WordPress core files, plugins, and themes, enhancing security and firewall protection, running daily backups, and monitoring/mitigating malware and viruses attacks, you run the risk of a major catastrophe!

It’s Not “IF”, But “When”
Attacks Come!

The image to the left is a screenshot of hack attempts one of our clients receives regularly from malicious hackers and bots all over the world. It shows that they received 21 attacks in the last 24 hours (15 of which were brute force attacks), 121 the past week, and 749 for the month. These hackers and bots look for any weakness or vulnerability to get into your site and wreak havoc. They often exploit WordPress sites through outdated core files, themes, and plugins. If even just one gets in, it could be devastating.  Don’t let that happen to you!

The image above is a snapshot, taken 05/13/2023, of attacks here on our site. It represents about 150 attacks each and every day and we just launched it this month.

Not Sure if a WordPress Maintenance Plan is Right for You?

Software updates, backups, and enhanced security are essential for every WordPress website. You must be prepared when the cyberattacks occur – not if, but when, and how often.  Without adequate protection, your site is vulnerable to hackers and malicious automated bots. Don’t let tragedy strike your valuable website. If you’re still not sure give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to answer any questions.

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